About Us

Leashy Lou was founded in 2011. After having my third child I was wanting to get back into the work force but also not wanting to go back to "work" and leave my 6 month old at the time so with a love for sewing I starting creating templates.

I wanted to make stylish products that made getting around with babies & toddlers a little more convenient.

From memory the first thing I made was a Dummy Clip for my son as his dummy would always end up on the floor! I was looking for a nice fabric clip but could only find cheap plastic link ones in the chemists  so I found a nice pin stripe shirt my husband never wore and made a dummy clip.When we were out and about so many mums would come up and ask me where did I get the Dummy Clip from?? From there it went on to nappy wallets, change mat clutches, bibs and pram liners.

Starting out with an idea on paper took a lot of time and failure, but all worth it to end up with the finish products that I'm so proud of. I'm so greatful for all of my customers over the years who have purchased and supported my business! All of the positive feedback makes what I do all worth it.